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A pleasant village 7 km from Guebwiller which looks out from the foot of Vieil-Armand and runs away towards the Alsatian plain. 320 metres above sea-level and within easy access of the Alsatian Wine route “La Route du Vin”, it is a very open and welcoming little village.

2 kilometres from the middle of the village, but still falling within the commune Wuenheim, you can find the Château d’Olwiller , a large agricultural and wine producing holding with some very famous vintages.


Wine growing is both a passion and a tradition. 80 hectares are planted by growers and, for most of these, this is not their main activity. All grape varieties in Alsace can be found here and they are of very good quality. Some wine producers grow and market their produce themselves and some have joined together to form co-operatives while others prefer to sell the fruits of their labour to agents.


Wuenheim, like other communes in the canton was part of the “Haut Mundat” belonging to the Strasbourg bishopric until the Revolution. Some  votive offerings dedicated to the patron saint of the parish, St Giles, and dating back to 1784 are on show at the “Amis du vieux Soultz“ Museum in the Chateau de Bucheneck .

It wasn’t until 1832 that Wuenheim became an independent commune. Until that date Wuenheim was annexed to Soultz.

Because of its position at the foot of the Vieil Armand, the village was evacuated during the Great War (1914 – 1918). When its inhabitants returned at the end of the hostilities they could but cry over the devastation. The commune was consequently granted the ‘Croix de Guerre’. Only a few houses were partially spared.

During the course of the two wars numerous young people paid the price of liberty with their lives and with their blood. 




In 1910 the community comprised 1031 souls. A large foundry was in production.

In 1921, following the damage during the war and the destruction of the foundry, there were only 662 people – the lowest number on record.

In 1998, 800 inhabitants were recorded in the census.

Postcard from my village éditée from Jean Marin, my freind

le vignoble au pied du Vieil Armand,

l'entrée du village

la "Fête du Vin Nouveau"

(dernier dimanche de septembre)



Tourism is on the up. You will have no problems organising a stay in a Hotel-Restaurant, a gite,  a Chambre d'hôte or on a campsite.

To find out more about the two Gîtes Ruraux: (specify WUENHEIM)

Loisirs Accueil BP 371 COLMAR Cedex - tel 03 89 20 10 62 -

Every day in Summer La Cave Vinicole du Vieil Armand is open for visits and tastings. (Groups by appointment)

Open Days are organised at the shooting range when you can try out your skills (rifle, . 22 pistol or air pistol)

The nearby forest, hills and Vosges mountains, in particular Vieil Armand (many remnants, trenches, monuments and shelters of the 1914-1918 war) are ideal for half-day or full-day walks marked out by volunteers from the Club Vosgien de Soultz. Wuenheim is a member of the ‘Parc Régional des Ballons des Vosges’ association.

There is no lack of activity at the Salle des Fêtes’: dances, various fêtes or exhibitions.

 The ‘Refuge des Amis du Sudel’ is open to  walkers and hikers at the weekend (Altitude 910m, close to GR5 North – South walkway )


         Social Life 

This is very busy. There are no less than 11 associations currently engaging in a variety of activities

these are :

Foyer Paroissial

Salle des Fêtes

Stand de tir

Refuge du Sudel

We are proud to have one of the oldest shooting clubs in France.


    High points in the year       

February – March            Carnival dances

Mid-July            International IVV Walk

                                            shooting contest

End of July or beginning of August: open day(s) at the Cave Vinicole du Vieil Armand

Last weekend in September and first weekend in October

                  New Wine Festival  - Folklore Procession



Town Hall: 03 89 76 73 13

This page is personal. I have produced it just to let people know about my village.

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